Must-Have Fashions for 2017 – Hair Pieces & Wigs

The designers for fashion week had different takes on the trends for 2017. One key element from many of the top designers this year was featured wigs and hairpieces. After seeing use of extensions over the past few years, this sparks a new direction in hair for the upcoming year. Wigs aren’t just for women with hair loss. We are seeing wigs and hairpieces featured in big, bold, and beautiful ways. Here’s how to get the look.


Wig Out

Credit the popularity of television shows and movies for the re-emergence of wigs as a fashion trend. Mad Men and other entertainment set in the 1960s has awakened a whole new generation to the versatility of wigs and hair pieces. While the recent trend has been for hairpieces to add volume, wigs are providing a whole new direction.


Think of slightly toned down versions of the glam looks from the early 1960s. Big is beautiful. Channel the look from your favourite actress in a mod movie. Pairs well with a retro styled dress but keep your makeup modern to update the 1960s and avoid looking like you’re in costume.


To ease into the look, start out with an evening out or, start small with a slightly glam look. The key elements are sleek styling (no side fringes), luscious waves, and generous volume. Wigs are particularly perfect for moving to a new look. Pre-styled, you don’t need to master intricate hairstyling techniques to manage the waves. It is also a huge timesaver when you are heading out for a night on the town or getting ready for work in the morning.


Extending Extensions

Extensions have been popular for years but the cost, time, and discomfort required to add extensions has led many women to look for other options. To get the extra volume and length, wigs and hairpieces are gaining new popularity. They can be used to add the same elements as extensions but can be quickly and easily changed. Today, long hair, tomorrow, a short bob. Variety is wonderful and 2017 is turning out to be focused on versatility instead of one fixed style.


Rather than simply adding volume, this year’s runway shows included hairpieces in contrasting colours and textures from the remaining hair. Used to add dramatic flair, this is an easy look to master at home. Purchase hairpieces in different colours and styles to experiment.


For best effect, work the hairpiece into your natural hair as part of an up-do or a ponytail. This is quick and easy without requiring large amounts of styling products. Note this is quite different than the style in recent years of adding a lock of hair in a contrasting colour along the side of your face. This year the trend is to add a different colour but to incorporate it more fully into the rest of your hair.


Upping the Up-Do

Many of this year’s hair trends were dramatic but if you’re looking for a subtler approach, consider the up-do. On the runway, we saw clever use of hairpieces to add natural-looking components to up-do styles and detailing to ponytails. Get the look by braiding hair pieces to wrap around your ponytail or purchase a hairpiece to add a hairpiece bun or curls.


Why Your Previous Hairpieces Failed

Often hairpieces are underappreciated. The secret to keeping your hair looking sophisticated whist using hairpieces is the quality of the hairpiece. Sadly, cheap hair looks cheap. Even if the basic colour matches your hair, the shine, depth of colour, and texture keep it from blending in with real hair.


The gold standard for hairpieces in wigs is human hair. If that isn’t in your budget or if you want try out the new styles before investing in a human hair wig, there are still plenty of wigs and hairpieces made of natural-looking materials to wear. Some types of artificial hair even allow users to using curling irons and styling products, just like they would with their own hair. Keep in mind that to truly try out the style, you have to have at least a medium quality wig or hairpiece. Inspired by this year’s trends? Dive on in! Remember, unlike a new hairstyle, hairpieces and wigs can easily be changed to keep your style looking fresh or to tailor your look for each occasion.

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