Men’s Fashion: Stylish Ways To Wear Color This Summer

A lot of men are very wary of adding color to their wardrobe. Why? Because they are worried they will get it wrong and end up looking like a clown. But this is a real shame because there are loads of benefits to wearing colors that suit your skin and hair tone. The right colors can enhance your best features and can make you look younger, healthier and more energetic. Also wearing dark colors in the height of summer, will just make you look and feel dull and moody, not to mention hot!


With the summer approaching we think it’s a good time to start thinking about some stylish ways to wear color. It’s okay if you still feel attached to you dark garments. These can remain your wardrobe staples, and you can add pops of vibrancy here and there to make your outfits even more exciting and eye-catching.

T-shirts and shirts

Worn on top of your all-time favorite pair of jeans, you can add instant vibrancy to your outfit with a colorful t-shirt or shirt. It’s a pretty safe way to go as denim goes with everything, and you are only playing with one color, rather than attempting the trickier task of matching shades. We won’t say that any colors are off-limits – although it does take a very confident man to wear shades of pink – but we do recommend that you pick something that suits your skin tone. For example, if you have a warm skin tone go for warm summer colors like oranges and reds and cool colors like blue and green if you have a cool tone.



If you are reluctant to add too much color to your summer wardrobe, stick to a small splash in your tie. With a neutral suit and shirt as your background, it gives you the freedom to have fun with your ties, experimenting with different shades, patterns, and styles. Once you’ve caught the color bug, you may wish to add color to your outfits via your socks, watch, and bag too.



This is where most men get scared; the idea of colorful pants. However, if done correctly, it can look pretty cool. We would recommend not going for anything too vivid as you might risk entering into clown territory. Instead, stick with softer shades like moss green, navy, burnt orange and burgundy. All these colors work well with a plain neutral color on top, but if you are brave enough, experiment with gray, brown and light blue.


Wearing color isn’t always easy, especially for men. Another helpful tip we can offer is to have a look around you at what other gents are wearing. Sometimes you need to see it to believe that it will look good. Check out men’s fashion blogs online for images and more styling tips.


Concentrate on the colors that suit you best and slowly begin to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Once you’ve started adding color, it can be very addictive! Have fun, experiment and use your colors to make you look and feel great.





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