Making Your Bedroom ‘Fit for a Queen’

Are you redesigning your bedroom? Well, there are so many themes you could be inspired by when you’re redecorating, but one you might really want to consider is ‘royalty’, bringing a sense of luxury and sophistication to your interior. After all, don’t you deserve a room that’s fit for a queen? If so, here’s how you can do it…

Use a sophisticated colour palette

First, you’re going to need to make sure you stick to a sophisticated colour palette. Purple is synonymous with royalty, and rich ruby reds and opulent golds are certainly going to add lots of ‘wow’ factor – but be careful about how you combine all these hues. Throwing too many colours together could make your interior look a bit like a cheap recreation of a palace bedroom, rather than something desirable that’s been inspired by the wealth and opulence of royalty. So, choose a sophisticated colour palette and inject bursts of key colours in a way that’s refined and tasteful.

Get a good night’s sleep

Next, make sure you create a bedroom that ensures you’re getting the kind of quality sleep that befits a queen. You can do this by putting more than one mattress on a base – you can buy single beds that zip together so that you can sleep beside your partner without accidentally waking each other when you roll over. And best of all, if one of you likes a soft mattress and the other prefers a firmer mattress, you can choose a bed that suits you best without having to compromise on something as important as your rest. After all, Queen’s don’t compromise, do they!?

Add some classic pieces of furniture

Then, consider buying key pieces of classic furniture, such as a throne chair, a luxurious recliner, a quilted headboard or a gilded mirror. These will all add a sense of grandeur and wealth, making your room feel like it’s a space to recline and relax in, and help you to feel that you really are the ‘queen of your castle’, so to speak! If you want to put particular emphasis on British royalty, include Union Jack prints on rugs and cushions, add lion-stencil and crown-stencil decoupage to pieces of furniture or jewellery boxes or simply leave a retro piece of royal memorabilia on display.

Choose your fabrics carefully

Finally, don’t overlook the small details in a room like fabrics and fittings. Install reflective gold or silver light switch cases (as those cheap white plastic ones will look out of place in a royal bedroom), and take note of the kind of textures that make a room feel elegant. Fabrics such as velvet and silk instantly feel expensive and would undoubtedly be found in a queen’s bed chamber. Alternatively, if you prefer to tone it down and make it a little more ‘warrior princess’ style, opt for sumptuous faux furs and candlelight.

So, follow all these tips and you’ll have a room brimming with nobility, prestige and status… one that’s undoubtedly fit for a queen!

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