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How to Wear a Maxi Dress and Look Great?

There’s nothing new about maxi dresses. For the last two years they have been making their way slowly but surely into the list of spring and summer fashion must-haves. You’ll be hard pressed this summer to find a store that isn’t stocking them in quantity. Also, of course, there are the long skirts that have the maxi-dress as their inspiration.

As a big maxi dress fan, I had two special favorites last summer and this year I have already updated my collection with two more ankle-length numbers. I have to be honest, though, and admit that it is not easy for everyone to wear this style. It can be tricky to find a maxi dress to suit a petite frame, for example. Let’s see if I can give you some hints on how you can make the most of your maxi dress.

The first thing is, always go for fitted dresses that have some in-built shape to them. A well-defined silhouette goes a long way towards giving a feminine look to this full and flowing style.

If you just love a dress but find it hangs loosely rather than clinging to your curves, then you can make a shape by adding something like a belt or a fitted sweater.

Ideally, your maxi dress hemline should nearly touch the ground. It should at least reach down as far as your ankles. If it’s any shorter than that then it will just look like you bought the wrong size.

Ensure you choose a dress that is made of a light, floaty material. Some maxi dresses make it look as if you’re wearing a tent.

If you are on the short side, then wear heels to give you some extra inches so you don’t look like you’re drowning in fabric. Petite women should choose maxi dresses which end around mid-calf to add the illusion of height.

The right accessories can make even a simple maxi dress into something special. For example, why not try bangles with a light-weight scarf or an eye-catching necklace?

Dresses nowadays come in all styles, colors and patterns. One important point to remember is to be careful with patterns. Horizontal stripes, for example, will make you look wider. Be wary also of trendy designs and make a mental note of how they hang, especially round the chest and the posterior.

Some maxi dresses have a low neckline. If you prefer to keep covered up, choose a cami neckline, so that you feel confident and comfortable.

Lastly, using double-sided tape and good old safety pins are ways to make sure that a strapless maxi dress stays up. You don’t want to be forever adjusting it all day.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to find and wear maxi dresses with confidence this summer!

Author Bio:

Emily Airs is looking for a maxi dress to suit her petite build.

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