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Finding the Pulse of New Men’s Fashion. How Projek Raw listens to the Audience and the Culture to Define the Today and Tomorrow of Men’s Clothing.

Few clothing brands offer the quality and value demanded by young American professionals in today’s society. High class brands such often fail to offer the “bang for your buck,” whereas price-conscious designers simply can’t meet the requirements that a working millennial expects in terms of quality, comfort, and performance. Enter Projek Raw, an infectious brand founded from the pure desire to design and create unique, free-spirited wear.


Striving to cater to those who demand more from their apparel, Projek Raw was developed by open-minded people, for open-minded people. This clientele sector was greatly overlooked in the past, and the need was certainly present for an apparel line to step in and provide excellence that is accessible.The stylish designs are derived directly from European trends, and allow for the target consumer (mid-twenties to late thirties) to remain fashion forward no matter where they go. The comfort of Projek Raw is also virtually unmatched by similarly priced garments, as the materials used are not compromised.

Inspired By Timelessness

Perhaps one of the most popular materials in past lines of Projek Raw garments is the globally popular denim. Not only does the brand place an extremely high value on jeans, but it also constructs original pieces from the material most commonly associated with the full length pant. Numerous offerings are crafted from high-quality denim, including their extremely popular and trendsetting denim shirts.

Though the emphasis on denim is clear, there are many other areas of specialty that allow us to have confidence in the overall line of clothing. The fashion inventory ranges from jackets, coats, and blazers, to shirts, hoodies, cardigans, jeans, and sweaters.


Following the Arrow

Perhaps the most exciting part about this trendy fashion brand is their ability to reflect on customer influence and place immense attention to detail on every creation. By listening to feedback from its growing fan base, Projek Raw is able to deduce exactly what the world wants to see from its next line. Capturing these responses doesn’t stop at just the consumer level, but also extends far into European culture, where the brand takes influence from famous tastemakers that are well regarded in the global fashion world.

For Projek Raw, it is only a matter of time before the USA becomes a major player in the brand’s implementation strategy. With the spring line set to include short styles such as capris, cargos, and Bermuda’s, the excitement is growing with every passing week. Feel free to visit for a full rundown on the history and message of the brand, and also follow Projek Raw on social media for exclusive offers, deals, and promotions on current and upcoming fashion staples.


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