Break out of the mold and show your style this graduation


Despite being booked as a day to celebrate your accomplishments, graduation certainly is a stilted event that tries to make everybody look the same. Your cookie-cutter graduation cap and gown leave little room for individuality but you have plenty of other places to let your personal style peek out. Turn to some fun ways to show off a bit of your personal style during the commencement ceremony so you don’t look  like everybody else.

Fun hairstyle

The dreaded graduation cap will be covering the top of your head, but you can show off your flowing locks around it. Straighten your hair and use smoothing oil for a sleek look or break out the curling iron if you want something more flamboyant. Most up-dos won’t work very well with the graduation cap but you can get away with a low one centered around the nape of your neck. Just practice your style beforehand and try on the cap to make sure it works.

Eye-catching earrings

Frame your face with a pair of earrings that show off some of your personality. Fun dangly earrings draw attention to themselves, especially if they’ve got at least a little bit of sparkle. Pick a pair depicting your favorite character, animal, hobby or food, or just choose earrings with a color and design that capture your personal style. Big hoops can add a lot of glamour to your overall look, too.

Cute shoes

You have to wear shoes to your graduation so pick a pair of fun shoes that will help you stand out in the crowd. Don’t get your heart set on a pair of stilettos if you’ll be walking on grass. Pick a cute but practical pair so you don’t trip on your way up to the stage or back down to your seat. Wedges are an especially stylish choice these days as they add glamour while helping you maintain stable footing. Peep-toe shoes can also be really cute when paired with brightly painted toenails.

Decorating your graduation cap

Many schools prohibit the decorating of graduation caps. Check your school’s regulations on whether or not you are allowed to do so. If decorating is allowed, you may want to decorate yours with your name, a celebratory word or the outline of an image that’s particularly meaningful to you. Choose materials that contrast with the cap’s color so your decorations will be visible from a distance.

When you have a spunky personality, no school could ever get you to hide that under a graduation cap and gown. Get creative with ways to add color, style, and personality to your graduation outfit so you don’t blend in with the crowd on your big day. And of course, don’t forget to wear a stylish dress for photos after the ceremony!

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