How Leather Boots Came into Fashion?

Leather boots were worn as early as the nineteenth century, but they didn’t really become a fashion item until the 1960s. In the 1970s they became popular in the mainstream and have been ever since. The 1960s saw the first appearance of leather boots as a high street item. This was despite a rise in the price of leather, which had made cheap plastic boots briefly popular. The disadvantages of this artificial material were quickly obvious and leather became the material of choice for fashion designers. Read more [...]
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What You Need to Know About Learning to Sew?

Home sewing has become fashionable again. As well as creating original clothes for yourself and your family, you will find that learning to sew can also save you money in other ways. You can make exclusive soft furnishings for your home and gifts for friends and family if you learn to sew. Starting with hand sewing If you have not sewn before, it is a good idea to start with hand sewing. There are various essential items you will need so it is a good idea to put a basic sewing kit together before Read more [...]
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How to Wear a Maxi Dress and Look Great?

There’s nothing new about maxi dresses. For the last two years they have been making their way slowly but surely into the list of spring and summer fashion must-haves. You’ll be hard pressed this summer to find a store that isn’t stocking them in quantity. Also, of course, there are the long skirts that have the maxi-dress as their inspiration. As a big maxi dress fan, I had two special favorites last summer and this year I have already updated my collection with two more ankle-length numbers. Read more [...]