A Little Bit of French Luxury: How to Transform Your Bedroom in 5 Simple Steps

Have you ever dreamed of transforming your sanctuary into a luxurious French style boudoir? Turn your bedroom into a haven with a little bit of French luxury with these five simple steps:

1) Bed – Beds are, by their very nature, the main focal point of your room. To help you to create a beautiful, elegant French-style look then the bed is, therefore, the first place to start. French-style beds come in many forms from sweeping curved sleigh beds to romantic Rattan but, in essence, it is all about creating luxury and decadence. Top Tip: If you visit the Divan Beds Centre you can currently get 5% off bed bases – use code ‘DB5’ at checkout.

2) Bedding – Once you’ve chosen a stunning looking bed then selecting the most suitable bedding to complement your style will need to be considered. Look out for simple-yet-sophisticated designs that have extra embroidered detail on the duvet cover or on the pillow cases. Using styles that include lace border finishes will add a touch of class to any set of bedding. This style generally is made from light, crisp colours such as white, cream or light yellows.

3) Furniture – When finding French-style furniture you’ll need to look out for painted wood usually in light colours like white or cream although sometimes you will find gold being used to add extra luxury. These items will often take their inspiration from Rococo style, which is an artistic movement from the 18th Century. The Rococo style incorporates classic scrolls and elaborately carved acanthus leaves and many of the original pieces are skilfully hand carved. You can find examples of this style in some antique shops or bespoke furniture specialists who can create the effect you are looking for, often with a modern twist.

4) Cushions, throws and more– As you select fabrics, opt for silk, wool, faux fur or linen. Remember to add a curtain tie and to pool the curtains at the bottom to make a puddle as extra fabric is used to symbolise wealth and flamboyance. Have a look at for more tips on how to dress windows. Try to use the same fabrics for all items in the room so that for your curtains match your cushions. You can also add faux fur throws for extra comfort and warmth but mostly for a characteristic French-style.

5) Finishing touches – There are plenty of accessories that you can choose from to really give your room an authentic French look. Mirrors not only have a practical element to them but also have the ability to give your space a touch of glamour. Vintage antique clocks are a quintessential part of any bedroom area so pick out a unique piece from an antique shop. Fragrance diffusers or glass bottles filled with scents can create a relaxing yet luxurious aroma. Have fun, scour shops and the internet and be creative with your accessories to deliver the best look.

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