4 Fashion Trends Set to Rule in Summer 2013


Spring and summer are here and its the time of the year when the temps are soaring and the hemlines get shorter and shorter. The warmer months are when we can shed the bulky winter jackets and boring outer layers and really showcase the best that fashion has to offer. It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend… well, indeed they are and so are colours, patterns and prints that we can bust out in the warm sunshine! It is the time of the year when women can really dress to their advantage without the additional hassle of layering and temperature based add-ons that all but cover your gorgeous outfit underneath.

The runways in the spring / summer 2013 fashion shows were a sight to behold. Gorgeous creations that are oh so chic and an eclectic bunch of styles, of which something or the other would appeal to almost every woman out there.

Let us take a look at what the catwalk gurus have in store for us this season –

  1. Monochrome magic – Ah, the timeless appeal of black and white never seems to fade and thankfully so. There is something so very chic about this stark yet harmonious combination that works on every woman at every age. Gorgeous designs in black and white were seen all over the runways be it dresses, suits, resort wear and even footwear. This combination is as fresh as ever and seems to bang on trend yet again. The best part about this trend is that most women already have clothes in this delicious combination and you can recycle your classic pieces over and over again. Simply add modern silhouettes like crop tops, peplum, abstract patterns, shorts etc. to the mix.
  1. Bursts of floral – Well, spring and summer are the seasons when the trees bloom and nature showcases some of the prettiest flowers around. Floral power is back in vogue and was seen showcased on the runways in the shows of multiple big name designers. And of course they remain perennial favourites in high street and bargain stores as well. From delicate and watercolour flower patterns to pop art blossoms, from plastic accessories to silk gowns, flowers are everywhere this season. If florals tend to be too girly for you on clothes itself, think patterned sunglasses, bags, jewellery and other pieces in smaller more restrained doses.
  1. Bold prints – Bold, bright and in your face prints are still ruling the runways well into 2013. from stark graphic prints, modified animal prints, galaxy prints, ikats and more, prints and patterns that are noticeable, colourful and eye grabbing are the way to go. Do not shy away from bold prints even if you are more wall-flower than butterfly. Pick them in more subtle colours that give off a softer statement rather than scream for attention. Bold prints are also ideal for bags and other accessories.
  1. Rah rah ruffles – Ruffles take a more sophisticated turn this season. No more is it just about a sweet romantic vibe, but ruffles have been jazzed up this season for a more sexy, sassy look that is perfect for those summer pool parties and cocktail hour. Skirts with high slits and cascading ruffles, body con or floaty dresses with flounces that accentuate the figure and form etc., those are the ruffles to look out for!

These are just a few of the latest trends you can try. Don’t hesitate to experiment and try something new this year. And of course, as always the best fashion statement is a big dose of confidence, a bounce in your step and a smile on your face!

Bio –

May Ling is a stylist and a fashion aficionado. She runs her own style website and business. A lover of all things luxe, she considers diamonds and a LBD the ultimate style statement through the ages. In the summer you will find her at the beach and throwing many a bash at her lovely home.


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  • John Akerfelt

    This year even geometric designs with broad and bold shapes and nice bold colors are a rage. Of course, the right kind of styling and accessories are an absolute must. In the end, it is the confidence with which you carry yourself, which makes a style statement. You can have the best of brands, bags, diamonds, shoes, etc but if you lack the confidence to carry the style off, it ultimately loses its charm.

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